is a powerful motto that guides our innovation

When people say something is impossible, we become curious. Our strategy is to find the intersection between the possible and the impossible. Only then is it possible to create groundbreaking results that open our eyes to new beginnings.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

1. Experience

Problems need to be experienced in reality or anticipated theoretically.

2. Recognize

Problems must be recognized to take action. Many times problems go unnoticed because it is assumed that there is no better solution.

3. Analyze

Fully understanding the problem and all externalities that are involved is essential.

4. Problem Solve

Possible ideas are brainstormed. The best solution is then chosen.

5. Implement

Action is taken to implement the best solution. This final step normally involves the cooperation of a variety of experts.

Meet Our Founder.

Robert Sampson

President and CEO

Robert Sampson is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Robert seeks to bridge together his passions for health, technology, and systems. As the chief architect of our company, Robert is a vital part of our team of engineers to deliver life saving, cutting-edge technology.

Sherlock Solutions is Located in New York City

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Sheer Determination.

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We Are Creative

Part of being creative is having the ability to think differently and to ask the questions that others are unwilling to ask.

We Have Intuition

All solutions need to start somewhere. Starting with a strong foundation of knowledge and knowing how and when to incorporate experts into our problem solving matrix is what we specialize in.

We Are Determined

We are laser focused on creating solutions that impact people. Our pledge is to make the world a better place.